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mobile application development
Mobile Application Development

To make an impact in today’s market place it is increasingly more important to have a presence in the mobile world,most things from checking the train times to making transfers can be done using a mobile device. The mobile technology is ever more present in our day to day lives with constantly increasing market penetration and capabilities of smart-phones and other network connected mobile devices such as tablets. 

We at Faabee Technologies realize the importance of the changes in the way we access and consume information, over the years we have followed the expansion of the mobile marketplace and have gathered a wealth of experience as well as built up a significant number of experts developers.

We have been involved in developing custom applications for this rapidly growing market for a number of years and have a wealth of experience working with a wide range of mobile platforms developing both standalone and server connected applications. We currently have the capability to develop an application for the following platforms:

  • Apple iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Blackberry
  • Palm/HP.
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 

To achieve our goals we leverage a number of different programming languages, technologies and frameworks here are just some of them:

Java, C#, VB.NET, PHP, C/C++, ActionScript, JavaScript, , XML, VBA, Ruby, ColdFusion, SQL, .NET, MS SQL

Our goals are simple: develop on budget, on time and on brief.

We have experience working with companies in a number of fields these include

  • Transport industry
  • Hospitality/catering industry
  • IT and technology
  • Leisure industry
  • Asset management
  • Web to Mobile Porting
  • Integration with Social Networking
  • Tracking Applications

At Faabee we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers. In our experience

Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how you could benefit from our expertise.
Customer Testimonial

E Scope Solution

""Excellent Service Provided by you guys, professional work and you know what you are doing, professional team. If I have any work related to web or software development for sure Faabee will be first name in my list. Thanks Guys keep it up""


"We are delighted with Faabee and the solutions they have delivered. They were very quick in picking up our needs and simplifying the complex. Using business language rather than technical jargon, they produced a proposal which was spot on and reflected exactly the areas discussed. They then delivered a solution which not only met our requirements, but surpassed them. We are very pleased with their service levels - they are always at the end of the phone."

Compuent UK

"Faabee have not only worked with us to develop a software solution for Our Management in London but they have an ability to take our vision a step further and to anticipate our needs for the future. All of this is done in a professional, efficient and courteous manner - I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

UK Acadco

"Faabee fully engaged to fully understand our business process needs to subsequently scope out, develop and deliver on our exact requirements. Overall we are impressed with Faabee’s professionalism and their degree of engagement to ensure successful project delivery. Hence, we would recommend Faabeeto any business."


"I have found Faabee to be dynamic perfectionists who deliver an assignment on time, with great accuracy and within budget. The systems they have built for us have increased our efficiency, allowed us to improve customer service and has increased our profits. They have proved themselves to be most trustworthy and honourable. I look forward to a long term relationship and I am pleased to recommend them whenever the opportunity arises."

Global Techno School

"The Faabee team came to see us and very quickly established what we wanted and then to all intent and purpose steered us through the process. What we ultimately ended up with was beyond our initial expectation. Our product is live and within budget. Our product has the “wow factor” we wanted. We have future projects rolling out and Faabee will be part of these processes from the outset."

Chandana Herbs

"Faabee not only understand your business requirements, but in the online system and web space have many suggestions to improve and speed up delivery of solutions. Extremely technically competent they have quickly understood our business, its scale and associated processes. They have delivered all our systems in line with, and in some cases exceeding, our business expectations. They work well as a development partner; more than highly recommended."

Bachpan Tolichowki

"Faabee consistently provides the goods: analysis, advice, understanding, support, great attitude and a superb product. We continue to be very happy with Dovetail as a development partner and recommend them to anyone."

Mayur Marketing

"Faabee did a brilliant job of designing a system that facilitated the way we work. In the pharma industry we have very specialized regulatory requirements. Faabee delivered a system which fully met these requirements, yet is very easy to use. Having such an efficient system saves us time and money."

Frisky Beauty and Spa

"Faabee designed and built a number of interactive features for our business website. The jobs were all completed to our satisfaction and we found Faabee to be highly enthusiastic and professional."

Mega Interiors

"Faabee consistently bring a deep understanding to projects. They are a top-class supplier and a pleasure to work with."

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